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Welcome to Playa Citizen Real Estate.

Playa Citizen Real Estate

was founded in September of 2002 and settled into the current office on Avenue 1 between Calles 14 and 16 Bis in May of 2004 – longevity – proud, experienced and credible.

Your shortcut to much more information and understanding ~ I am pleased to assist you in my corner of paradise by any means of communication that you choose. I prefer to begin with a phone call. I think you will agree after calling me. USA +1 281-770-5258 is a USA land line that forwards to my cel phone in México.

Gracias muchisimo for your dedication of time, energy and patience in searching the internet for your perfect property. I understand that your path to this web site may have challenged your time and patience. The pathways on the internet can be winding and frustrating. I have been working here this entire millennium – yes, since the year 2000. My experience in México precedes my full-time residency in Playa del Carmen.

I appreciate the opportunity to guide you, advise you and occasionally run interference for you in my corner of paradise. I will offer limitless ideas to help make your investment happen – and in terms and conditions that favor your schedule and financial planning. I will perfect your perfect property.

I am a licensed real estate agent and broker in the state of Quintana Roo, México.

I hope the following information will lead you to a better understanding of the general nature of real estate investing in our little corner of paradise.

What is it like to invest in the Caribbean of México?

As we begin a business relationship together, I hope this information forms the basis of mutual understanding. The “way it is” is applicable to buyer and seller concerns.

 First, where’s the MLS?

Since a multiple listing service has only recently been introduced to this area, my greatest talent has been and continues to be as a digger, discovery guide, driver, and so much more. I dedicate whatever hours are required to do a great job here. I prepare more so you will be more prepared.

Why is this true? It’s not easy to understand, so please allow me to explain better by phone or in person.

Who will secure my investment in Quintana Roo secure?

You may have already discovered the process and procedures for investing in México on a number of other web sites. Most are informative and well-written. My desire is to explain more and guide your understanding beyond the outline ~ the background and common sense are important in securing your slice of the Caribbean of México.

Real estate is a very solid investment when following the rules of good common sense, business professionalism and law.

 Most investors will encounter the many faces of real estate consultants, guides, agents and brokers in this corner of paradise. I suggest that there are 2 primary groups with a few exceptions.

Group A : Serious, studied, experienced and licensed agents and brokers. [not bold type] Most have offices – a good question to ask.

Group B : You have heard or will hear, “The way they do it here” [not bold type] from consultants, bloggers, bar-stool freelance agents, neighbors, part-timers with a mobil office (car) and cel phone. Maybe not so studied, licensed nor “all in.”

What about me?

I have lived it. As a frequent visitor to Playa del Carmen and Cozumel since 1992. As a full-time resident of Playa del Carmen since 3 June 2000. As a small hotel partner since 2001. As the founder of Playa Citizen in 2002. I love the Caribbean of México, the Mexican people and their endless patience and realistic expectations applied to daily life. Their hopes and dreams match mine.

 I am a licensed agent and broker [not bold type] – two licenses – in the state of Quintana Roo, México. I love the details. Details, details, details. Details are everything to me.

I look forward to matching my experience to your vision.

What do you really need to know?

It is important for anyone investing in real estate to understand a few things — and a few more things not listed here.

1. MLS is almost always a hook. The only actual, real multiple listing service number does not use “MLS” in the listing number. Private real estate companies may use the letters “MLS” but are representing only their listings and the developers that we all represent on our respective offices and web sites.

2018 initiated of a central database of properties available for sale in the state of Quintana Roo — a real “MLS” of properties for sale.

A private company AQR MLS brought the first “multiple listing service” service to Quintana Roo. [italic type] I joined this new service. AQR MLS is only a listing service – the service does not sell property. AQR MLS is independent of the agents and brokers and dedicated ONLY to listing properties for sale by member agents and brokers. It is a professional MLS (Multiple Listing Service) using the TERMINUS system as a portal into the USA real estate world — and governed more closely by USA-style real estate norms and rules.

2. There are many informal networks for sharing properties between agents and brokers; and I am included in most of them.

3. Many websites are not current and also do not include all properties for sale by all agencies. Some listed properties remain on websites as “for sale” for years after they were sold — they are “hooks” to attract buyers to respond. I do not use hooks. My web site is current, while including only a sampling of the hundreds of properties that I represent for purchase by investors.

4. FOR THE SELLER AND BUYER TO KNOW. There are not many (not enough) exclusive listings with agents, although there are more master brokers entering this marketplace each year — a good thing. It is not particularly wise for a seller to run around to a few agencies to offer their property for sale, however that remains a characteristic of Playa. This is changing, but change is slow. So some agents share property non-exclusive listings while attempting to maintain control of the validity of the property details as much as possible. I have a list of agents that I will work with in this manner.

5. There is absolutely a wrong way and a right way to buy, “secure” and “sell” real estate. Of course.

I have spent all my years in Playa del Carmen absorbing the culture and lifestyle – and adding specific and studied knowledge about real estate, business and other investment opportunities in Playa, the Riviera Maya, Costa Maya, and Cancun to Holbox. Occasionally I’ve reached Isla Mujeras, Cozumel and even to the west coast of México for unusually promising or interesting properties.

In addition to my daily experience in business and real estate in México, I completed the full course study and requirements (in Spanish) for obtaining a real estate agent and broker license in Quintana Roo (this state). Not an easy thing for a gringo. I also attend extended education courses required to extend my licenses each year.

If we work together, I promise to apply my years of experience in México to assure that your investment is a completely secure, pleasant and rewarding experience.

 Believe it or not …

1. …that the developers and master brokers are the seller, so they are not technically and by the rules of common sense and human nature not representing you. (They will usually be nice, though.)

I’ve learned to …

1. …to be primarily a buyer’s representative because the buyers usually (always) need the assistance (even when they think they know the ropes); however I have also learned that once the negotiation finds agreement, I work both sides to supervise and secure every detail of the transaction.

2. …to listen to everyone but avoid accepting “the way things are here” from tourists and locals alike who have not worked and gained experience from the daily, weekly, monthly and yearly work of real estate “business” – legal, fiscal, immigration, construction and the full community experience.

3. …to follow the local procedure of registering buyers and sellers. If you give your personal information to a seller (whether developer or independent owner), then a broker may have difficulty representing you. If you decide with my assistance to make an offer on a property-developer whom you have shared your contact info (they add you to their database), then I will ask you to provide a letter requesting my assistance as a buyer’s agent. It is not a legality, however it is a courtesy to make your wish for my representation clear to the seller.

4. …that the notaria (notary) is designated for closing services – and they do not work for you. Notarios are independent agents authorized by the government – in the case of real estate transactions – coordinating, closing, collecting and delivering taxes to the tax authorities and sending the deed to be registered. Many think since they pay a notario that the notario is their “vendor.” Not true. Notarios must also be managed.

5. …that foreigners who invest in real estate for residential purposes in the “restricted zone” of México will almost always choose a trust to hold the title (fideicomiso) for reasons which are best discussed face-to-face (cara-a-cara). The second option is to constitute a Mexican corporation – best if conducting business in México.

6. …that closing cost will add 5 – 7% to the purchase price, however there are factors which can cause this estimate to vary even more. A closing cost estimate will be provided before a buyer is contractually committed to the purchase.

7. Yes, this is a promotion for my assistance. And it is accurate and useful information to be confirmed a bit down the road from your experience.

When we work together, I will offer all my general and local-insider knowledge of the neighborhoods, zones, builders, developers, condo associations, pending or past legal disputes, and much more.

Anything else?

Yes. Of course, I have my favorites.

How to begin?

Starting with a budget and a preferred location is best for both of us. Then add details about features and finishes, etc., and add other comments as the conversation continues.

I’d prefer to meet you face to face for a much better conversation, however I understand that is not always possible. I look forward to working with you by phone, text, video chat, soon; [italic type] but not by mail please.

With these many thoughts offered for your understanding, I hope for your consideration and eventual commitment to me as your broker. I will be dedicated to you and your investment and always [italic type] “at your service.”

FYI – The Mexican state of Quintana Roo is always Eastern Standard time, however the time here may match the USA Central time zone for 6 months when Daylight Savings occurs in the USA. We never change the clocks. Nice.